The Group


Forty years and a steel temper.


Il Gruppo Sangoi


The SANGOI Group was founded in 1973 and today, thanks to continuous technical and professional growth, offers a well-developed range of products and services for the different uses of steel.
The core business is the activity of the service centre which is specialised in the production of sheet metal and strips from coils that are produced in the SANGOI SpA factory in Tarcento and SIDECO Srl in Milan, which are supported by technical consulting laboratories for the design of steel components at SABREST Srl in Brescia and a division dedicated to profiles and accessories for the agricultural industry at SANGOI GREEN Srl. Control of the group has been entrusted to SAFIN SpA, a real estate holding company owned by the Sangoi family.
With a surface area of 22,000 square metres and a staff of 80 persons, all trained with extreme care, the company is able to guaranteed continuously high standards of quality. ISO 9001:2008 certification is the confirmation of our planning methods and scrupulous and effective organisation. The precious knowhow acquired in over 40 years of activity make SANGOI SpA an entrepreneurial company in its prime, with grit of tempered steel.


The Group


Since the very beginning, the group has been run by the SANGOI family, and typical Friulian values, such as enterprise, hard work and reliability have always been taken into serious consideration in the group management. Today SANGOI SpA, which can boast an increasing turnover and strategic investment plans, is one of the most dynamic reality in its area and in the steel industry, holding a prominent position also for the well-known expertise and reliability of its services.



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Sangoi Green S.r.l.

Via dei Fagnà, 58 - 33017 Collalto di Tarcento (UD) - Italia

Ph. +39 0432 781611 – Fax. +39 0432 792421

REA UD 291687 - Reg. Imp. UD

VAT NUMBER IT02835050309

Registered Capital € 110.000,00 i.v.


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