What it is


WiForWine is an advanced monitoring system for vineyards comprising climate, terrain, plant and health risks. Thanks to a weather station installed in the field and the positioning of sensors measuring realtime environmental parameters, WiforWine elaborates the data and provides the necessary indicators for the evaluation of possible risk factors.

What it does

Within the vineyard the following will be installed:

- a wide range of sensors for capillary measurements providing the user with climate, terrain and plant indicators;

- a weather station sending data to the Web platform hosting the software for elaborating the information;

- cameras for visual control of the crops.

- Each user has the possibility to access a personal Web area where he can control the sensor-acquired data in real time, and be notified via text message/e-mail in case of critical situations.

wiforwine_2In a highly effective and user-friendly way one can:

- control each crop in a personalised and precise manner;

- monitor levels of climate and health risks;

- predict problems and actions to take.



Cost reduction: saving on resources (water, chemical products, control, actions) through targeted interventions only where necessary.  Saving on irrigation and fertilisers up to 60%. Rationalisation of health protection, limiting the use and consequently the expenditure for herbicides, pesticides and fungicides with possible savings of over 40%. Increased work productivity and savings in labor costs.

Qualitative and Quantitative

Harvest losses reduced by 20% to 60%  in the event of weather and/or pathological adversities.  Useful indicators for optimal harvest time for the manufacturer: improved average quality of harvested grape, up to 30% quantity increase of first-class grapes.


In addition to the cost reductions, with WiForWine you get a significant reduction of the environmental impact thanks to the decrease and rationalisation of operations.


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