Sangoi AGROFIL Zinc-Aluminum Wires

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  •  The rust resistance characteristics to the corrosive agents of the vineyard give SANGOI steel wire an absolute guarantee of duration over time.
  •  The high mechanical characteristics allow the steel wire to withstand the stresses resulting from vertical loads on the row of vines and longitudinal tension.
  •  The very small percentage of elongation allows the minimisation of maintenance and the recovery of tension, thus saving on time and labour costs.

Investment for the renewal of the wires used in the vineyards is never a trivial matter, choosing the most suitable product can have a significant influence on the total tensioning cost per hectare of land. Our research is heavily focused on the study of new, better performance quality. 


  •  SMART INOX AISI 201/202


The Sangoi stainless steel wires are characterized, both by the particular mechanical properties typical of steels, and by an elevated resistance to corrosion. This characteristic is due to the presence of some elements, inter alia that of nickel. The term 'stainless' is perfectly suited far these materials and derives from their ability to passivate themselves, without rusting, in atmospheric environments and in contact with chemical substances. Sangoi stainless steels wires guarantee peak perfarmances thanks to the minimum elongation (which is proven to be lower than 2%), and this consequently causes less maintenance of the implants and a minor cast of manual labor. The competence and experience Sangoi Group has developed in the steel industry sector has allowed to select high-quality and -reliability wires, recommended far employment in latest viticulture.


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Sangoi AGROFIL Zinc-Aluminum Wires.

Sangoi Green offers a wide range of high-quality galvanized wires far vineyard equipment. The choice of the wires has fundamental importance in the equipment of every type of vineyard system. The wire must not only support the plant, but also guarantee excellent perfarmances and allow far easy maintenance operations. The wire's core is perfectly centred inside the zinc coating. The galvanization process is carried out fallowing updated quality standards, in arder to assure duration in time even in the presence of corrosive external agents, or strains derived by the employment of highly mechanized machinery. The main features of the Sangoi AGROFIL wire are resistance to the tensioning stresses, a higher breaking load and malleability.


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